AI In Photography – Top 11 AI Technology-Powered Tools For Photographers


AI In Photography – Top 11 AI Technology-Powered Tools For Photographers

Although creating AI photos and using AI technology for photo editing may seem like science fiction, these things will be available to all of us in 2023.

Artificial intelligence can remove the background from an image or instantly enhance a photo’s appearance. In this guide, you’ll find 12 of the most exciting AI tools for photographers, which can help us save time or have more fun!

Many of the tools are free, but some are well worth the money because of what they can do. AI is here to stay, and technology will continue to advance. The newest illustration of how exciting times we are living in is ChatGPT.

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AI Technology-Powered Tools For Photographers

Some AI technology-powered tools for photographers can help them enhance their photos and streamline their workflow. Here are a few:

1. Topaz Gigapixel AI: Increase Image Resolution

A Topaz AI product called Gigapixel AI can upscale your photos by up to 600%. If you’ve ever attempted to enlarge a photo (increase image resolution), you know how challenging it is to do so without producing a pixelated, poor-quality image, particularly if you attempt to go significantly beyond the original size.

As it upscales your photos, Gigapixel AI uses deep learning to enhance the details and quality of the images. It produces images in this manner that appear to have higher resolution. A detail from your original photo can be zoomed in on, cropped, and enhanced using Gigapixel AI so that it is ready to print or share.

Additionally, you’ll be able to remove compression artifacts, sharpen your images, and more. Gigapixel AI is a standalone program that you can install and use, but you can also integrate it into your Lightroom and Photoshop workflows. See our Gigapixel review for more examples of applying this AI technology to your photos.

2. AfterShoot: AI Image Culling

An AI-powered photo manager called AfterShoot automates the laborious process of selecting photos from lengthy collections. As you are aware, photography is a business that involves culling. It takes a lot of time and can get boring unless you automate it.

You can choose the parameters with AfterShoot (set stars and colours). Then, change the sensitivity on various categories—grouping duplicates, removing blurry photos, etc.—from low to extreme. Allow the program to finish its work now.

Before exporting or exporting the photos directly, you can review and improve the culling. Because AfterShoot operates locally on your computer and doesn’t upload your photos anywhere, it is completely secure. See how far AI-powered photo culling has come and how you can use its tools in our AfterShoot review.

3. Remove Backgrounds with AI is the tool for you if you’re looking for a background remover that uses AI and can be used with just one click. Upload your image, then sit back and watch it work its magic. By giving the resulting image a grade, you can aid their improvement. Both the HD version and the preview are available for download.

Due to the fact that it only gives you one credit and 50 previews, the free account is suggested for testing or personal use. You can choose from one of five subscription plans for commercial use, ranging in price from 40 credits to 2800, or you can pay as you go, which will cost more per image.

4. Generated.Photos: AI Photos of People can be used to create an AI-generated model if one is required. Making the necessary changes begins with a website-proposed random image. You can change a lot of different aspects of a person, such as their age, head pose, emotion, and eye colour, to produce a completely different result.

As they are not real people, you do not require a model release; however, as the images are copyrighted, you do require authorization to use them. In this instance, the permission specifies that they are free for personal use but require attribution and a link back to the website, and they are only allowed to be 512 x 512 in size. A monthly plan that offers 15 high-quality downloads for commercial use is available, or you can buy in bulk.

With regard to the final choice, the price decreases as you purchase more. For instance, each photo costs $2,99 from 1 to 20 purchases; however, the price decreases as you make more purchases, reaching $1 per picture when you make 1000 or more. There is no requirement for attribution for paid plans.

5. Turn Photos into Artwork using Artificial Intelligence is a website that uses AI to give your photo the artistic styling of artwork. It is very simple to use. Simply upload your photo, select your style, and submit. You can create as many images as you want if you’re doing it for fun.

Once you submit it, it enters a queue and is sent to you at a 500 x 500 resolution with a watermark. For $1,99, you can skip the line and receive your image in less than 15 minutes instead of waiting.

Depending on the size, it will cost you $19 or $59 to get the image in higher resolution and without the watermark. You can view a sample of what you can create by visiting the user’s gallery. You can also create initially for free before purchasing only the things you like.

6. Topaz DeNoise AI: Remove Image Noise

A Topaz product called DeNoise AI takes the noise out of pictures. It can be used both independently and within Lightroom and Photoshop, like all Topaz software. A significant issue in photography is noise. Using a high ISO or a long shutter speed can cause it, and older cameras are even more sensitive to these factors.

So, it’s a challenge that most photographers and photography enthusiasts encounter. Usually, it’s more well-known in shadowy places. Most photo editing programs have a tool to reduce noise in your photos, but it’s not always effective and does so at the expense of the image’s sharpness.

DeNoise AI uses deep learning to differentiate between the photo’s details and actual noise. Doing so helps you recover details from noisy photos without losing sharpness.

7. Lensa: Phone Image Editing App with AI

An AI-powered photo editing app called Lensa provides straightforward solutions for beautiful outcomes. For instance, you can retouch a portrait using a single tap on a magic tool. Additionally, you can fine-tune the editing with sliders for teeth whitening, lip colouring, and other options.

Additionally, you can edit the foreground and background separately and replace and blur the background. To have fun with your images and make digital art, it also has filters and frames. For iPhone and Android users, Lensa is accessible for free, with in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $49.99 for unlimited access.

8. Topaz Sharpen AI: Sharpen Images with AI

Sharpen AI is another fantastic Topaz solution. You are probably familiar with how annoying it is to have a beautiful photo only to discover that it is blurry when you open it on your computer. Unluckily, blurriness can occur as a result of camera shake, a moving subject, a bad lens or filter, etc.

Therefore, if the cause of the blur is different, so should the remedy. Because of this, Sharpen AI is distinct from photo editors that only provide a sharpening tool. The AI enables the software to detect motion and determine whether the subject or the camera was moving.

Additionally, it recognizes lost focus and lens softness while recovering the detail in your photograph. On their website, you can view before and after comparisons and download a free trial before purchasing. It can be used independently or combined with Photoshop and Lightroom. Check out our Sharpen AI review to get a special discount.

9. This Person Does Not Exist: Random Face Generator

Use This Person Does Not Exist: Random Face Generator if you don’t have specific requirements and want a randomly generated AI person. Loading the page will give you a random face; you cannot alter the results or request details. Simply refresh it to get a different outcome if you don’t like it.

Not much control is given to you, but no demands are made of you either. You can download as many images as you want and use them however you like because this face generator is completely free. Because everything is open source, you can access the algorithm and take control if you have the necessary skills.

The dataset and link to the algorithm are both located in the Algorithm tab of the menu.

10. Deep Nostalgia: AI-Powered Photo Animation

MyHeritage has licensed the technology used in Deep Nostalgia, which enables you to animate any photo you upload and create high-quality videos. Old family pictures are frequently small or damaged, but this software can restore any colour or black-and-white photo.

To obtain a higher quality image to work with, the same feature combines Deep Nostalgia with MyHeritage Photo Enhancer. You must choose which face you want to animate in a group photo because you can only animate one face at a time. Of course, you can create unique animations for each portrait subject. The program will select a gesture sequence based on the user’s face position.

However, you can alter it if you so choose. Any displayed options can be selected by simply opening the drop-down menu. Your images can be animated in 10 to 20 seconds. After that, you can share your video. Your videos and only a certain number of images will be watermarked if you don’t have a subscription. You will not have watermarks and will have unlimited access if you subscribe.

11. ImagenAI: AI-Powered Photo Editing

With machine learning, ImagenAI can batch-edit your photos in a flash. This makes it a very helpful software for anyone taking large numbers of photos, especially wedding and event photographers. It takes a leap of faith to trust AI with editing, but ImagenAI learns from your own images — 5,000 of them, to be exact — that you upload to its dashboard so it can comprehend your editing preferences.

These enable it to create a profile that will update and change with each new image you feed it, whether they are ones you upload for editing or ones you have edited and uploaded to the platform yourself. ImagenAI gets better at learning your preferences as you use it more frequently. To see it in action, read our review of ImagenAI.

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