Google Trends – How To Use Google Trends For Local Keyword Research

Have you ever noticed that it’s most times hard to get the right keywords for what ever you’re writing or searching for? It becomes harder when you’re trying to create a content or market a product or brand without the right tools to assist you? 

This can be very overwhelming for beginners that it most times seems very frustrating. Keyword play a vital role in content or brand marketing because it helps convey the message more efficiently which is why we need the right in order to achieve perfection.

Are you struggling to find the right keywords for your local business? Or Have you tried some Keyword tools but didn’t get the desired results?

Look no further than Google Trends !

Yes you heard me right!

This powerful tool offers valuable insights into what people search for in your area. Not just that, you get to also search for world trends and be updated on the happenings in the world. With Google Trends, you can easily discover the most relevant and popular keywords to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Isn’t that awesome! You get to change with the globally changing world with the help of Google Trends and also have a chance to improve your business strategies.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss the how to use Google Trends for local keyword search.

How To Use Google Trends

Using Google Trends is definitely the best choice you’ll get to make when creating a content for your business or brand. so we’ll be showing you how to use it. Here’s how you can use Google Trends for local keyword research:

1. Start By Entering Your Location

When opening Google Trends, enter your location in the top right corner. This is usually where the names of different countries are listed for you, so you get to pick your specific location. This will give you data/information specific to your area.

Doing this lets, you get an idea of what people in your area are interested in and what they’re searching for online. You get relevant information required at a particular time by a particular set of people.

2. Explore Related Topics

Once you’ve entered your location, start exploring related topics you would want to search for. You can enter a keyword or phrase and see how its popularity has changed or time. This means that you get to see the changes in trends when you search about certain topics. You can also compare multiple keywords to see which is more popular in your area such as fashionable outfits, mobile editing apps, latest phones and so on. This will help you identify the most popular keywords for your local business. And these can help you decide on what to focus more on in your business.

3. Use Filters To Narrow Your Search

Google Trends offers a variety of filters to help you narrow your search. You can filter by time range, category, and search type (web, images, news, etc.). This gives you an incite on what exactly you’re searching for and helps you understand it more. Using these filters, you can get more specific data to help you make better decisions about your keyword strategy.

4. Analyze Seasonal Trends

Depending on your business type, it’s important to pay attention to seasonal trends. For example, if you own a ski resort, you’ll want to focus on keywords popular during winter. Google Trends can help you identify these trends and make informed decisions about your keyword strategy. With whatever information you get, you’ll be able to make more decisive, accurate decisions that’ll benefit your business and make it more unique.

5. Use Google Trends In Conjunction With Other Tools

As a saying goes,” two heads are better than one”. Although, Google Trends is a powerful tool, it shouldn’t be your only source of keyword research. Use it with other tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner and SEMrush. Using multiple tools gives you a complete picture of the most relevant and popular keywords for your business. It gives you an edge over your competitors in the business world. 


Finding the right keywords for your local business can be daunting, but with Google Trends, it’s easier than ever before. With powerful insights into what people are searching for in your area, it’s an invaluable tool for any local business owner. Also you can be an edge over competitors if you use it wisely.

Following the steps outlined above, you can narrow your search and find the most relevant and popular keywords in your area. 

Remember to pay attention to seasonal trends and use Google Trends with other tools for the best results, so you’ll be able to make more sales. So what are you waiting for? Start using Google Trends today and take your local business to the next level!

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