Small Business Gift Card Marketing – 10 Proven Tips For Small Business Gift Card Marketing

Small Business Gift Card Marketing – 10 Proven Tips For Small Business Gift Card Marketing

47% of American adults, according to a 2022 survey by for, have at least one unused gift card. As a result, the businesses keep the entire profit from the initial gift card sales. Gift cards are extremely common among large and small businesses, which is unsurprising.

Getting people to purchase gift cards is the key to a successful marketing program, so it should be promoted amongst small or growing business enterprises. Because of that, we’ll discuss the various ways one can promote small business gift card marketing in this article. 

Tips For Small Business Gift Card Marketing

You can increase sales of your small business gift cards and ensure your programs are successful by using the following advice.

1. Promote Your Gift Cards

You must advertise your gift cards in the same way that you advertise your goods and services. This is particularly crucial throughout the year before the holidays. Include promotional messages in your communications, including emails, newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, and advertisements.

Ensure that your gift cards are prominently displayed on your website, and frequently remind people that they can buy gift cards from you.

2. Offer A BOGO

Offer a buy one, get one free or a buy one, get one half off gift card promotion. Your customer can use one card, and the second can be given to a friend who might become a completely new client for your company. Make sure the free gift card you choose has a dollar amount that fits your budget and your desired profit margins.

3. Make Your Gift Cards Easy To Buy

Customers must find buying a gift card from your company incredibly simple or they won’t bother. They won’t buy it if they have to fill out numerous forms, pay with cash only, or go through additional hoops that they wouldn’t have to in order to make any other kind of purchase.

4. Make Your Gift Cards Easy To Find

Don’t stow away gift cards behind the counter in your physical stores. Instead, place them where impulse buyers will see them—near the cash register and last-minute gift items. There’s a good reason why big box retailers like Target and Walmart offer gift cards at the registers, on end caps next to gifts, and in several other places all over their stores.

5. Remind Customers About Your Gift Cards

Never allow a customer to complete a transaction at your physical location or website without checking to see if they’d like to add a gift card. For instance, suggest that a customer add a gift card to her order before she confirms the items in her online shopping cart and makes payment to complete the transaction.

Train your staff to inquire about adding gift cards to customers’ orders when they are checking out.

6. Remind People About the Perks Of Gift Cards

There are many ways to appeal to consumers’ emotions with gift cards. Make sure your marketing messages explain the benefits like:

  • There is no sales tax on a gift card
  • Shopping time is reduced
  • They’re easy to wrap

7. Use Gift Cards To Build Brand Awareness

Are there any organizations in your community needing raffle prizes, gift basket donations, etc.? Local charities frequently hold raffles for prizes, including gift cards, which could result in brand awareness and marketing for your company since the prizes are frequently heavily advertised to the public to boost raffle ticket sales.

8. Offer Free-Trial Gift Cards

Through free trials and recommendations, gift cards can attract new clients. For instance, provide a “gift card” that a current customer can use to buy something for a friend.

If you run a hair salon, the gift card could be for “friends of our friends” to receive a free haircut (and for new customers only). If you run a SaaS business, you can provide gift cards in exchange for a 30-day free trial.

9. Hold A Contest

Hold a contest for your followers and provide a gift card for online purchase as the prize if you have a business blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, or other social media accounts that permit giveaways. You can also do this at your physical store by giving away gift cards to your establishment.

10. Use Gift Cards As Marketing Tools

Why not use gift cards to earn money indirectly rather than using them to earn money directly? Give anyone who likes your Facebook Page or follows you on Instagram during a certain period of time a gift card (that you can afford).

This is a fantastic way to grow your online fan base, and the more fans your company has, the more people are likely to see your future updates and marketing promotions on Facebook or Instagram. Remember that you must follow both the law and the guidelines set forth by social media platforms if you are running a giveaway promotion.

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