TikTok Marketing – 10 Tips For Building Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

TikTok Marketing – 10 Tips For Building Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

We’re here to show that you should definitely develop a TikTok social media marketing strategy if you’re not sure whether to. With a record four years since its global launch, TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform we’ve seen to date, with 1 billion users in September 2021. Comparatively, it took Facebook and Instagram eight years to reach that point.

Even though we don’t have more recent information on TikTok’s user base, other statistics show how popular TikTok has become. It was the most downloaded app and the highest-grossing non-game app in the Apple and Google Play stores, respectively, in the first quarter of 2022.

Our roundup from 2023 includes even more interesting TikTok statistics. In-depth discussions of TikTok marketing, how to set up a TikTok business account, six tips for enhancing your brand’s TikTok marketing strategy, and other topics will be covered in this article.

What Is TikTok Marketing?

Using TikTok and TikTok content to market your brand and its goods or services is known as TikTok marketing. You can quickly establish your online presence by using short-form video content to engage your audience and promote your company’s offerings.

TikTok marketing focuses solely on TikTok, unlike social media marketing, which develops a consistent strategy for all social media platforms.

Although you should ensure your brand’s overall messaging on TikTok is consistent with all other platforms where it is present, content for the app typically differs significantly from that for other channels. (However, to reach even more viewers, you might decide to repurpose your TikTok videos for Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.)

Tips For Building Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

Are you prepared to learn more about developing a TikTok marketing plan and growing a sizable following on the platform? These ten suggestions will assist you in setting yourself up for success, even though you probably won’t become “TikTok famous” overnight. In this video, we’ve also compiled our top Tiktok marketing advice.

1. Create And Brand Your TikTok Account

How to set up your TikTok business account has been explained. The following step is to fully optimize and brand it to stand out among your other social media profiles.

To brand your TikTok account, tap Edit Profile, then fill out the following:

  • Profile photo or video: TikTok lets you add a video for your profile avatar. Make sure this is a high-res version of your logo if you add a profile photo. If you want to do a video, consider creating an animated version of your logo.
  • Name: Your business name.
  • Username: This should also be your business name (if possible) with no spaces.
  • Pronouns: You might want to input your pronouns if you’re a sole proprietor.
  • Bio: You have 80 characters to give a quick synopsis of what your business does.
  • Email: Input your company’s contact email.
  • Nonprofit: If your business works with or supports a nonprofit, you can tag them right in your profile.
  • Category: You may have already done this when creating your business account, but if not, select the category that best represents your industry.
  • Social: Connect your Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Another choice is to set up an automatic message for when people DM you. To do this, tap the hamburger menu, choose Business Suite, and select an Auto message. After reaching your first 1,000 followers, you’ll also be able to add the URL of your website to your profile. Here is an illustration of a Starbucks business profile in its entirety. Even two videos promoting new products are pinned to the top of their profile.

2. Define Your TikTok Audience

You need to be aware of your audience if you want your content on TikTok to be successful. If not, you may achieve great reach and engagement but no sales or subscriptions, which is entertaining but has no bearing on your company’s financial health.

With nearly 7 out of 10 18 to 19-year-olds using the app and about half of all 20 to 39-year-olds using it, TikTok leans towards a much younger audience. TikTok is undoubtedly geared toward younger audiences, but you still need to look a little further than that.

Consider the target demographics you want to reach. After conducting some of your own in-depth analysis of the social media market, you might think about creating a customer persona that illustrates the precise demographics of your company’s target market.

3. Create Quality TikTok Videos

Learn how to create a quality TikTok video as your next step. Start by conducting some practical research first. Spend some time learning about the platform and looking at the kinds of videos that appear on your “For You” page if you aren’t already an avid TikTok viewer.

If you want to see what’s popular and find some of the more well-known TikTokers, you might also want to check out the TikTok Discover page. You can see popular hashtags, sound bites, and accounts here. You can use it to get a bird’s-eye view of what’s trending and find ideas for your TikTok content. Then, examine other companies succeeding on TikTok to learn what they are doing right and how you can adapt some of those strategies for your videos.

You should experiment with various video types on TikTok to determine what will appeal to your audience. The key to your profile is diversity. Consider filming your team as they build the product. Display your product in use. Utilize well-known sound bytes to produce amusing videos. 

Additionally, be sure to post regularly. You must consistently publish fresh content if you want to stand out. Start by posting at least twice weekly; if possible, post more frequently. (TikTok actually suggests posting 1-4 times per day.)

4. Use ads In Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

Spend some of your social media advertising budget on TikTok ads if you want to reach a larger audience. Similar to how you pay for Facebook and Instagram ads, the price for these is determined by bids. You’ll select your target market, make a humorous video advertisement, and then market it in accordance with your daily or lifetime budget.

5. Tap Into TikTok Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers is another well-liked TikTok marketing strategy. On TikTok, thousands of influencers and content producers collaborate with brands to produce entertaining, interesting videos that spread the word about new products and give the brand user-generated content to share on their own social media pages.

A few TikTok influencer marketing tactics include:

  • Sending your product to influencers. Brands can approach influencers with large amounts of products and low marketing budgets to request free products. While this does not ensure that you will be featured on their channel, if you consistently contact enough influencers, you might be featured in an unboxing or merch video.
  • Collaborate on a video. Create a video together or a series of videos exclusively featuring your brand. Although these are more costly, you can always work with micro-influencers with a smaller audience until you have more money for influencer marketing.
  • Partner on a new product line. Partner with a major influencer or celebrity to develop a product line that they will promote to their audience and receive a cut of the sales from. This is a fantastic win-win situation, but you must be careful to only work with influencers extremely relevant to your niche. For instance, a well-known makeup artist would be the only person with whom beauty brands would want to collaborate on a project like this.

6. Monitor TikTok Analytics To Track Performance

Pay attention to your TikTok analytics. You only get access to this if you switch to a business account, and it can be a huge help in pinpointing your most popular videos and when the best time to post each day is.

Some of the best metrics to track include:

  • Video views
  • Growth rate
  • Trending Videos
  • Average watch time

Additionally, you can link your TikTok business account to your Sprout Social dashboard to gain access to analytics while monitoring your other social media channels.

7. Jump On Popular TikTok Trends

Pay attention to the most popular challenges, audio clips, and video formats if you want to raise your chances of going viral. Use a trend if you can to make a video pertinent to your company. Here’s an example of a small jeweller who succeeded in going viral by using a common trending video format. Most of their original content videos receive between 100 and 600 views and 2 and 20 likes.

However, the aforementioned video capitalized on a well-known trend and received over 275,000 views and 12,000 likes. You can use TikTok’s Discover page to find some of these trends, as we previously mentioned, but your best bet is to watch a lot of TikTok content.

This will enable you to discover popular trends and how different users are incorporating them into their content. (The next time your boss notices you scrolling, you can excuse yourself by saying it concerns work.)

8. Take Advantage Of TikTok’s Editing Capabilities

The videos shot and edited directly within the TikTok app typically have the best quality. This is so anyone can easily create engaging content using a smartphone and a single app. The app has a ton of editing features built-in.

Some of these features include:

  • Filters
  • Trimming video clips
  • Text overlays
  • Captions
  • Stickers
  • Visual and special effects
  • Voiceovers
  • Audio editing
  • Slow motion
  • Transitions

There is no need for additional video editing software because there are so many different ways to record and edit your TikTok videos within the app. Particularly given that the TikTok algorithm appears to favour pushing videos that have been edited for the platform more than others.

9. Keep Your Videos Short And Sweet

According to TikTok’s most recent data, the ideal length for videos is between 21 and 34 seconds (up from 11-17 seconds in 2020). Although TikTok is still testing longer videos, viewers become anxious when they are longer than 60 seconds.

This means that your video content should be succinct and to the point. Keep your video content to an average of 30 seconds for the best results.

10. Incorporate Live Video Into Your Strategy

One of the many platforms with a live-streaming function on its app is TikTok. When live videos appear in viewers’ For You pages so interested users can tune in, brands should take advantage of this.

If your videos become sufficiently popular, your brand may add TikTok Live as an additional revenue stream. Additionally, as a monetisation perk, TikTok lets viewers send stickers and other rewards through live videos.

What Are The Benefits Of Marketing On TikTok?

Why then bother making your overall plan include another social media platform, especially one that requires as much time as TikTok? Let’s go over three of the main advantages of TikTok marketing.

1. People Are Using TikTok To Find Products

49% of TikTok users claim to have bought a good or service from a company after seeing a TikTok feature about them. The hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has also gained much traction, with users showcasing products they bought solely because they saw them on TikTok.

TikTok is a fantastic channel to use if you want to use social media marketing to boost sales. This year, the platform is on pace to attract 9.6 million new social buyers, making it the third-most well-liked social commerce channel.

2. You Have A Higher Chance Of Going Viral

TikTok prioritizes content discovery over showing you content from your friends because of its algorithm. The For You page wants to assist users in finding new content, but there is a separate feed where you can see updates from people you already follow.

This indicates that TikTok offers brands a special chance to reach a larger audience than they can on other platforms. Gain more followers, increase your chances of making a sale, and get found by those looking for your content.

3. Influencer Marketing Opportunities Are Abundant

On TikTok, influencer marketing is huge, which makes it even simpler for new members of your target audience to discover your brand. Finding the ideal influencers to collaborate with is simple because many creators are on the platform, many of whom are in your industry.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Additionally, due to the algorithm’s flexibility, even micro-influencers can generate significant reach, allowing you to maximize your influencer budget by reaching more customers and establishing strong relationships with influencers.

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