Social media users’ AI-generated self-portraits are clogging news feeds, which has drawn attention to Vana Portrait. Here’s how to order custom portraits from Vana Portrait as well.

How to Get Your Vana Portraits

You must adhere to a number of steps that we have divided into two sections: Phase 1 and Phase 2, in order to obtain your own Vana portraits. The delay between submission and receiving access to your gallery is the cause.

Phase 1: Submit Your Images

Let’s begin with the procedure for submitting your Vana self-portraits..

  • Go to the Vana Portrait website using a computer or mobile device (there is no app available at the time of writing). For this guide, the PC version is being used.
  • Click Create your gallery.
  • The moment the following page has loaded, a pop-up with Vana’s portrait-making advice will appear in the middle of the screen. Before minimizing the pop-up by clicking the x in the top right corner, be sure to read and pay attention.

  • Make sure to add at least eight photos by clicking + Add 8 Images, though you can add more. You can click Remove and choose another image if you accidentally added the wrong one. The function will change to Looks good once your eight pictures have been added.
  • Enter your email in the space below.
  • Finally, click I agree. This function won’t work if you haven’t added the right number of images.

Following your completion of these steps, Vana will send you an email to let you know whether or not your submission was successful. You will get another email informing you that your gallery is ready for viewing after a few days to a few weeks of waiting.

Why not try using Google to transform your photos into works of art while you wait if you want results right away?

Now it’s time to see what you got!

  • Take a look at the email from Vana Portrait.
  • Click here to view your personal gallery.
  • View your gallery by selecting from the available categories of art.

Your portraits come in eight different art forms. There are more than 100 different portraits available, with a variety of portraits offered by each style.

  • Home of the Flying Lizard
  • Vice Vehicle Felon
  • Paint
  • Cyborg
  • Black and White
  • Flowers
  • Cosmic
  • Cyberpunk

In order to get good results with Vana, consider levelling up your portrait photography.

Turn Your Portraits Into AI Art With Vana

Prior to the development of photography, a portrait had to be painted by a skilled artist, which could take months or even years. However, with the development of artificial intelligence and creative technology, we can now transform our lives into works of art almost immediately.