Better Customer Experience – 3 Ways to Authentically Build A Better, More Friendly Customer Experience For Your Brand

Better Customer Experience – 3 Ways to Authentically Build A Better, More Friendly Customer Experience For Your Brand

An internal focus on “customer experience,” or CX, has been one of the biggest business shifts in recent years. The concept of the customer experience is not new; the customer journey has long served as a yardstick for business success; however, the way it is implemented has changed in our increasingly digital business environment.
Simply put, CX is being reinvented to meet the needs of modern consumers, and in many cases, it is receiving more attention as a result of the development of social media and e-commerce.
According to Gartner research, CX now accounts for two-thirds of customer loyalty, and according to Emplifi research, nearly two-thirds of customers will now pay more if they believe they will receive a positive customer experience.
Being a customer-friendly brand is no longer a perk for businesses, but rather a necessity. Some businesses have managed to stand out, even though the majority of business owners would consider their brand to be consumer friendly.
What separates these brands? The simple answer is an investment in providing an authentically good CX. In this article, we will discuss the basic strategies to help improve your customer service in other to promote your brand and make sales.

Basic Strategies To Help Improve Your Customer Service

Here are three strategies to improve your customer experience and stand out as a customer-friendly brand.

1. Understanding Your Customer

Understanding your customers better should always be the first step in improving CX. The most prosperous businesses have a thorough understanding of the requirements, difficulties, and current attitudes of their customers. By identifying practical growth opportunities, knowing these factors will show you where your brand currently stands in terms of CX and guide your path to improvement.
What is the most effective way to get this data? Ask your customers directly if you want the truth. The best ways to understand your customers include running customer audits, focus groups, and email surveys. Your employees are a further resource you ought to use for customer information.
Your employees frequently have a firsthand view of customer behavior because they are the most reliable customer touchpoints. Front-line staff members who have received on-the-spot feedback from customers during interactions have provided some of the best suggestions I’ve heard for enhancing customer service.
Ask your staff to complete a survey on how they interacted with customers, what they liked best and least about your company, and what the most frequent complaints were. To better understand your customer and create a better customer experience, you must have this information.

2. Test Out Customer-friendly Technology

Modern CX has been greatly influenced by the digital revolution. Customers now demand quick, easy, and individualized customer service due to the popularity of social media and smart devices. The secret to success for brands looking to succeed in CX is investing in technology that can offer these advantages.
Make a self-inventory of your existing technology, and look into what new technology is out there and how it might enhance your customer service. How well the technology reduces friction in the purchasing process and does the technology support digital engagement with your brand are two specific factors to take into account when evaluating technology.
Utilizing customer-friendly technology can give you the support you need to surpass the high expectations that today’s consumers have of brands.

3. Invest In Your Employees

Your employees are the face of your customer service whether you run a small business, a franchise, or a big brand with a contact center. Supporting and training your staff so they are prepared to perform well in any customer service scenario is one of the best ways to develop a customer-friendly brand.
When you train your employees, as a business owner, try to be personal and take the time to help each one. Offer chances for continuing professional development outside of your own walls as well. For instance, The UPS Store provides all of its franchise owners with opportunities for ongoing training and development.
There are many online and offline opportunities for professional growth; encourage your staff to take advantage of them because doing so will improve customer experience.
Additionally to training, it’s crucial to give your employees power. Employees who are empowered and engaged deliver more reliable, assured customer service. Encourage staff to take the initiative when dealing with customers because a personalized experience is what makes success possible.
Being genuinely excellent at CX is the secret to running a customer-focused business. With these three tactics, you’ll build brand loyalty, give your customers a better experience, and put your company on the path to expansion.

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