AI Video Generators – The 9 Best AI Video Generators (Text-to-Video)

AI Video Generators – The 9 Best AI Video Generators (Text-to-Video)

Lacking the time or skills to produce a video for your online business? Test out these labour-saving AI video generators by using them. The process of editing a video takes a lot of time and effort.

Even the best video editing software still needs a lot of human input for impressive results. For our benefit, AI tools are now a reality. Next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) video generators automate video creation and editing without sacrificing quality.

Here, we go over some of the top text-to-video applications powered by AI that will simplify your life. In a few clicks, you’ll soon be producing captivating videos for your company or personal use.

Best AI Video Generators

There are several AI video generators available in the market, each with its unique features and capabilities. Here are some of the best AI video generators:

1. GliaCloud

As you probably already know, having videos on your website or blog can increase traffic, engagement, and conversions. You might not have the time or necessary skills to make them.

Using GliaCloud, you can quickly and easily turn existing text content into polished videos. No specialized tools or prior experience with video editing programs are required. It will automatically create an interesting video after you upload your article or post the URL.

Before creating an HD video file ready for upload to your website or social media channels, you can preview and edit this script as needed.

2. Synthesia

Without using actors, cameras, or microphones, Synthesia is an AI video maker that uses cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to produce high-quality videos from the text in more than 50 languages.

It’s ideal for people who want to make videos for their own use or for small businesses that need additional content but can’t afford to hire professionals. This AI text-to-video generator can create pertinent and interesting videos by analyzing the content of your blog posts, news articles, and website pages.

Signing up, choosing an AI avatar from more than 40 options or custom creating your own, typing or pasting your script, and downloading your AI videos after a short while are all required. Additionally, you can translate your videos right from Synthesia.

3. InVideo

An AI-powered video maker called InVideo produces videos from text input. Using templates that are already expertly designed and animated, this tool makes it simple to produce high-quality videos quickly.

All you have to do is enter your text, choose a template that works for you, edit it yourself, and either download the finished product or share it directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

This tool can be used to make various videos, including slideshows, memes, promotional videos, presentations, testimonials, and much more.


4. Synths Video

In search of a fresh approach to hook your audience? Any blog post can be quickly and easily converted into an interesting video using Synths Video. Also available are more than 40 options for adding a human avatar.

This tool uses artificial intelligence to create realistic-looking lip movements based on the text you provide. You don’t need to worry about technical issues; no prior editing knowledge is necessary because everything is automated.

Simply write your blog post as usual, upload the file to Synths Video, and it will turn it into an interesting video that you can upload to YouTube directly.


Many editing programs are too complex for someone who isn’t a professional video editor. Even if you are an expert, learning how to use each tool takes hours before you can produce anything actually interesting.

Anyone with even the most fundamental computer skills can create excellent videos using VEED.IO without any prior training or experience in video editing.

By adjusting the text, colours, fonts, music, and other elements, you can use it to produce powerful videos. Depending on the message you want your video to convey, you can even select a theme from various options.

6. Lumen5

Lumen5 is a tool for creating videos that enables you to transform content into visually appealing stories for marketing and brand awareness.

You can use this tool to build an interactive story with just a few clicks. One of our favourite features is that it uses AI to find musical visuals that will further enhance your message.

The only thing you need to use is a script, and it takes care of the rest. It looks for layouts that go perfectly with what you’ve written and superimposes them on a stunning background—very aesthetically pleasing.

7. Pictory

Ever wished you could quickly turn lengthy text or video content into short, social media-friendly videos? With Pictory, you can do that with ease.

A short, captivating visual story created by Pictory will be ideal for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter after you sign up and upload your text or long-form video.

Using this tool, you can create videos faster, make your business more visible, and carry out social media activity with much less effort.


To create professional videos automatically, quickly, and easily, uses artificial intelligence. Simple steps include signing up, pasting your text, and choosing the appropriate industry, language, and voiceover option.

As a result, your story will be powerfully told through audio and visuals, grabbing the audience’s attention. And in more than 20 different languages, you can obtain the same outcomes.

To maximize the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns, you can use to resize your videos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. You can quickly create logos, banners, and voiceovers using this AI-enhanced tool.


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