Gmail New Account Sign up, sign in, inbox and official site, Gmail file attach, Add signature to email sending

Gmail New Account Sign up, sign in, inbox and official site, Gmail file attach, Add signature to email sending

Gmail New Account Sign up, Own a Gmail account today and learn how to use it with these simple steps. Also, attach files in Gmail and add a signature in your email by default.


Gmail is a web-based mail platform like yahoo mail; Google owns Gmail. It is one of the fastest-rising Email platforms in the world. Gmail is just like other web-based mail services; the difference here is based on user experience; in this tutorial, we will discuss Gmail:,  Gmail Sign in, and Sign up a new account. is a registration page for Gmail. At, you can do your Gmail Sign in, create a new account if you don’t have one, and link two Different Gmail accounts. one Gmail account can work for Google Chrome, Youtube, Google play store and the rest of the services provided by Google

Gmail Sign in

To sign in to Gmail is very easy with these few but simple steps

1. visit on your web browser

2. Enter your Gmail web address and password in the space provided

3. Click on Sign in

4. And you are ready to view your mail

How to Create a New Gmail Account

1. visit the Gmail web address, which is

2. You will see a provision to enter an email address and password for those with already existing Gmail addresses. Then look below and click on Create account.

3. Fill in the appropriate details in the form provided and click next to allow the page to direct you to the confirmation page. Make sure the phone number provided is active and close by for confirmation purposes.

4. Enter the code sent to your phone from Google in the space provided for verification.

5. On successful Verification, welcome to the world of Gmail

You can choose to continue with Gmail, or You can Log out.

Apart from Gmail, there are other webmail services like Yahoo. Click here to Create a new Yahoo Mail.

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How to attach Files to outgoing Gmail Messages

How to Attach Files to Outgoing Gmail Messages- Here are a few simple steps to attach files to your outgoing emails.

Gmail Files

A file can be said to be a valuable piece of information. It can exist in different forms: an image file, music file, document file, video or audio file. Files can be small or large, but no matter the size, sending them across to a loved one is possible. Don’t forget that you can also attach a Gmail Signature to your outgoing messages to customize them. 

How to attach Files to outgoing Gmail Messages

File Attachment From a Computer

Here are the simple methods.

1.Log into your Gmail Account.

2. Click on Compose to open an interface to create a new message.

3. Enter the Email Address you want to send the file or attachment to where you have TO and enter the subject (this can be the title of the file you are sending).

4. Then click on the paper clip icon, the second option after the formatting style icon (A) to bring out the files available on your system. Select the file’s location you want to send and click open to attach the file.

5. Allow the file to upload and Click send. This is how to send an attachment from your computer system.

How to Attach a File from Google Drive to Gmail.

To attach a file from your Google Drive Account, You must own a cloud account with Google and also, to make it easy, the file must exist in your Drive account.

Here are a few steps

1. log in to your Gmail Account.

2. log in to your drive Account to make it easy for you to access it.

3. Click on Compose from your Gmail account. Near the paper clip icon, you will see the Google Drive icon. Click on the Google Drive Icon to Choose the files you want to send, and select the attachment option in the bottom right corner.

4. Click the blue insert button to send your file.

I hope These simple tips helped.

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Gmail Signature/How to Add Signature in Gmail

Gmail Signature/How to Add signature in Gmail-Make your mails unique and Simple with Gmail Signature

Gmail Signature

Gmail Signature is a unique identification attached to an outgoing message. The unique identification could be contact, business name, quote, company logo, personal logo or any other simple but unique information you want the contact you are sending the mail to identify you with. Therefore Gmail gives you a platform to add this unique feature to your outgoing mails.

Attaching a signature will make Your outgoing messages look unique to the recipient. The first time I tried using a Gmail Signature, I just added …for more technology guide, visit, and immediately, I got a reply, wow, this looks amazing. How did you add that to your mail….

How to Add Signature in Gmail

Below are a few easy steps on how to add a signature to Gmail

For Laptop or PC

1 Logon to your Gmail Account

2 On the Right-Hand side, click on setting and locate Signature from the Dropdown

3 Select the Radio Button below No Signature

4 Type your Signature in the space provided and save.

For iPhone

1. Open Gmail App on your phone

2. From the Menu List, select Settings

3. Locate Mobile Signature and Turn it On

4. Type your Signature in the space provided and save

For Android Mobile

1. Visit the Gmail App on your phone and Open it

2. Select Settings on the Left and Click on Signature.

3. Type the signature you want to use and click ok.

With this, You can customize your mail. Just make it simple and Unique.


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